I see these posts and whatnot but there is clearly something going on with this company. I ordered a kit on Jun 29th. 2 Day expedited. Then my nightmare began…

July 2nd, received fake tracking number. Number says label printed buy nothing received. I emailed Bikeberry, they said they shipped it and FedEx lies some times. Second order of bits and pieces are shipped USPS and received right away… strange.

July 3rd, Tracking number hasn’t changed. I tell Bikeberry, there is something wrong, this order never went out. They insisted the fake tracking number is real.

July 6th, Fake Tracking number now says “pending”. BikeBerry says, don’t worry we shipped it, you will get it today.

July 9th, still no motor. Fake tracking number says “pending”. Now BikeBerry says, Fed Ex lost the package (Fed Ex didn’t lose the package, they never got it–truth comes out a few lines down). BikeBerry says they are sending duplicate order EXPEDITED and that I will have a tracking number in 48 hours and a motor by the end of the week.

July 10th, Receive email. Email says I will get tracking number by the end of the week and they will help me “every step of the way”… odd, I’m the customer, I already did my steps back in June, but OK.

July 12th, I placed phone call. FINALLY the truth comes out, FINALLY. Motor has been on back order for 3 weeks. Tracking numbers were fake and run arounds were real. BUT they are not going to give me any more run arounds, the guy says the “warehouse” will ship it tomorrow and I might get it next week… EXPEDITED according to Google means “make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly.”

I asked for a refund and they insisted it’s on its way. I will likely have to do a credit card challenge and take my money by force. I’m stuck in this strange series of unfortunate events–like how is it, that I pick one random company who turns out to be completely incompetent.

I recommend you stay as far away from this company as you can possibly get. They aren’t truthful, they lack any sense of urgency and are probably the reason, Amazon became a God, Amazon simply knows how to ship packages. I will probably go thru hell to get back my $300+ and I’ll probably get my motor eventually… maybe. But God help me if there’s anything wrong with it. And remember that second order of bits and pieces, I’m just stuck with those…
Review by Kelly

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