I have a very exciting review for you today and it’s for the Skinny Coconut Oil that recently launched in Sephora Canada. This is a collaboration with the amazing Canadian Beauty Bloggers. Thank you for the amazing opportunity. I hope you check them out because they are truly amazing and inspirational.
I’ve been using coconut oil for over 8 years now and I’m so happy that I have this opportunity to share my story with you. I’m so glad that I tried the Skinny Coconut Oil brand because I couldn’t find a really good tasting coconut oil that I really liked and enjoyed. I can finally say this will be my best friend for a long time!

When I was pregnant eight years ago I found out the benefits of coconut oil. It was from a friend nutritionist and she said that coconut oil is really great for the skin and body. Since then I started using coconut oil for my skin and hair. I use it to remove makeup, I use it in the bath and as a hair mask. It really moisturizes and hydrates my skin and makes my hair shine. It is very soothing and I even brush my teeth with it. I also use it in my smoothies and baking. I’ve been giving coconut oil to my children since infants and it has helped a lot with their skin and health.

It is overall a good healthy oil. Coconut oil helps by boosting metabolism, improves brain health, contains living enzymes, short & medium chain fatty acids, fights infections, balances blood sugar and is great for the whole family. SKINNY & CO. Coconut Oil is 100% RAW and cold pressed.

Skinny Coconut oil can be used in many ways. You can mix it with coffee and tea for a natural energy boost. Eat straight off the spoon for long -lasting brain clarity. Include in smoothies and pressed juices to boost metabolism and rehydrate cells. Use it as a heart healthy replacement for butter, margarine and other common oils. Also for Oil Pulling. Oil pulling is when you place 1 tbsp. of Skinny coconut oil in your mouth and swish for 5-20 min. This will lead to fresher breath, white teeth and brighter smile. Skinny Coconut oil helps your body reach optimal pH levels. Ph balance leads to healthier skin, increased mental acuity, more energy and greater nutrient absorption of food.

SKINNY COCONUT OIL is 100% Raw, Alkaline Coconut Oil in the world! They use a no heat extraction. They use a process which cools the coconut to release the oil. No heat means that it is the best it can be and doesn’t loose any goodness. Skinny is the closest you can get to a raw coconut. It is wild harvested, hand picked by farmers in Vietnam and immediately hand pressed in small batches. Skinny & Co. Gives 10% of the proceeds back to Vietnam, they promote clean water initiatives, build schools, teach English and fund their farmers all year-round.

I highly recommend Skinny Coconut Oil. I feel it is an amazing coconut oil and the taste is fantastic! I am truly pleased with this product and I hope to try more of their products. They have many more beautiful skincare items like facial scrubs, body cream and soap. For some great ideas on how to use Skinny Coconut Oil check out the Pinterest site! WOW!


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