Introducing Sundried

Sundried’s inspiration comes from combining their love for triathlon and surfing, with their belief that it’s our responsibility to leave the planet in better shape than we found it. So a brand was born, with the goal of producing high performance and eco-friendly sport clothing.

With a design led style Sundried envisioned clothing that performs before, during and after exercise through use of premium materials and innovative construction to improve performance. But just as important is a low environmental impact, responsibly sourced materials, treating the supply chain with respect and contributing to charity.

The Sundried Activewear has been tested by real athletes in real situations to ensure the advanced technologies actually work. The result is eco-friendly sports clothing for men and women that will help you push your limits.

Eco-friendly sports clothing

Eco-friendly, responsible and green are frequently used phrases, what is not so frequent is companies like Sundried that actually deliver. Their philosophy is don’t drive when you can cycle. Don’t produce in China if you can produce in Europe. And use low carbon in everything they do.

To keep on top of this, Sundried has been audited by the Low Carbon Innovation Fund and have strict policies and guidelines in place to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. This includes currently manufacturing their eco-friendly sports clothing in Portugal, with the added commitment of always keeping production within Europe.

What many people do not realise is the 80% of clothings environmental impact comes after purchase, through washing, drying and disposal. With this in mind Sundried products are made to be washed cool – no matter how sweaty you get – and dried by the sun.

What is HIIT?

HIIT has become somewhat of a buzzword in the industry and I’m sure you must have heard of it. High-intensity interval training has taken the fitness world by storm and with good reason. HIIT has been scientifically designed to burn more fat in less time by having you give an all-out blast of effort followed by a short rest interval and then repeating intense bursts of effort to keep you heart rate high.

According to the Journal of Sport Sciences, this will cause your body to increase the calorie burn by up to 15 percent for as long as 30 hours post workout.

How effective is HIIT?

HIIT is most effective when you listen to your heart rate, and no I don’t mean listening out for that pounding in your chest. I mean using an accurate monitor to ensure you’re getting the best from your workout. For most people, this will involve wearing a strap, which can often be difficult to pick up real-time data from, as either you review the data post workout, or you’re constantly having to look at a screen to see how you’re doing whilst trying to keep up the intensity of your exercise.

The Moov HR sweat is designed to give real-time coaching as you follow MOOV’s very own HIIT workouts, to ensure you get maximum results.


These leggings are definitely designed with the wearer in mind. They want to flatter your form and have stylish panelling to the back to accent your curves and natural shape. The Gymshark Flex Leggings now come in several different colourways with different leg/waistband colour combinations. All of the colours are pastel and fairly muted which means they will go with lots of different exercise outfits.

The thick waistband with Gymshark branding is very trendy and stylish and stands out when you wear them. The colours are also very on-trend and there’s something for everyone in the current collection which is still growing. There’s no doubt this is a very attractive pair of leggings.

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