Take a look at the Zetronix website and you’ll discover that they have only a passing interest in weather stations. What Zetronix sells is cameras, lots of cameras, the kind of cameras that are discreetly hidden inside objects like teddy bears, sunglasses, ball-point pens, clocks and any number of things that don’t look a bit like cameras, so that the subjects of their photography will never have the slightest idea that their image is being recorded on an SD card or streamed across the Internet for posterity.

If all this sounds a little voyeuristic, banish that thought from your mind. The cameras that Zetronix sells have important and legitimate uses. Their police body cam, which clips to a standard uniform lapel, records high definition video of violent encounters, video that can be used in court if necessary. Should you be in an automobile accident, their car dash cam will make a video of it, even in the dark of night.

And the Zetronix zWeatherStation-500W not only monitors your indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity but it contains a carefully concealed nanny cam so that you can check your smartphone to see if the babysitter is letting the munchkins stay up way past their bedtimes. What’s amazing about the 500W isn’t that it contains a pretty decent 1080p wide angle camera but that the weather station actually works. This isn’t a phony shell for a spycam. It displays the real temperature and humidity, plus the date and moon phase.

However, if you don’t need the nanny cam, you can get the same features from the La Crosse Technology WS-9029U-IT-CBP at a fraction of the price and slightly more features plus a better looking display with the La Crosse Technology 308-146.


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