Bellabaci Cupping Therapy is the originator and leader of authentic innovation to bring a natural alternative to the health and wellness industry. Bellabaci takes pride researching the latest technologies, highest standards and supplying the most superior quality of products all over the world, and have fulfillment centers and distributions from most countries such as USA, UK, Europe, Brazil, The Baltics, The East, Africa and many more!

I bought Bellabaci cups after a recommendation from a YouTube video I watched for cellulite reduction. They seemed a little pricey for what they actually are, but I was pleasantly surprised and they were worth every penny! I used the cups for 2 weeks, trying to cup everyday for 10-12 minutes per leg. I saw a difference immediately in the overall tightness of my skin and less dimpling in my thighs. By the end of the second week though, I thought it looked a little worse. Don’t know if that was bc it was breaking up all of the fat and I could just notice it more or what. Despite that, I didn’t get discouraged and kept on cupping!!!

Warning, the first couple of times of cupping can be painful and uncomfortable! You can actually feel the “breaking” up of the connective tissue that is causing the dimpled look of cellulite. No pain no gain, right!?!? It gets better and easier so don’t stop. I bought massage oil from Natural Grocers and use on my thighs and buttocks to help the cups glide over the skin more easily. I am now on my 4th week of cupping and trying to be good about doing it everyday, but realistically it is more like every other day. I also try to run and bike to help stimulate my muscles to help break down the fat. I don’t know how a little silicone cup can do so much, but I refuse to do any of those expensive laser, lipo treatments that do not work, so this is the next best thing! Seriously, I don’t what desperate woman somewhere decided to suction cup her lumpy skin, but I would personally like to thank her! I think this practice goes way back and was used in Chinese medicine. I would rub cow manure on my thighs if it would cure cellulite, and I know I am not alone!

I am a mother of 3, 41yrs old, thin and active but have always had cellulite on my thighs! Chalk it up to bad genetics. This is the first thing that has actually helped reduce the look of it. I would definitely recommend Bellabaci cups even though they are expensive. I know other women with cellulite would do anything and pay any price for something that works! I am not cellulite free, but I don’t feel as self conscious wearing shorts now. Until they can find a cure, I will be cupping in my bedroom every night while my husband laughs at me and tells me I’m crazy! Ugh, the things we must go through to feel good about ourselves! I hope this review will help the hundreds of “cellulite sisters” I have out there

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