I was skeptical of the Jawzrsize at first, but this thing really does work. My face has gotten thin and feminine in the past five or so years of sitting at a computer desk, so I bought the Level 2 to regain some face size. I used it as directed on the box-6 sets of 30 reps each, every day for a little over a week–and it’s already made my face fuller. Three women have already called me handsome, and that’s not even a joke, just much appreciated attention from a perpetually nerdy IT guy. 🙂

* The workouts are fast and easy, you can literally do them in 2 minutes
* It’s even easier to get motivated if you have OCD or an oral fixation
* The silicone is very durable, didn’t need to mold the bite guards (an extra set is included, along with a neck strap)
* I noticed a fuller face in 15 days (May 26th-June 10th)

* There’s a discrepancy on the packaging that says the purple is 30lbs as opposed to the listed 40lbs; no practical way to measure the actual resistance
* It takes some practice in the first few days to bite properly so as not to cause TMJ-related pain, but by week 2 you should have a much stronger jaw already and no biting problems
* I always had a thin face and strong chin, but I plateaued on the Level 2 very quickly; have to buy Level 3 within the first month

Note: This DOESN’T guarantee you a bigger jawline. What it DOES is work the masseter muscle in your cheeks, which you can feel bulging out when you clench your teeth. It will make your jawline more toned and prominent by reducing fat and excess skin in that area, but it won’t make it bigger – it’s just your cheeks that will get bigger. However, I won’t discount the fact that you can increase bone mass through heavy weightlifting over extended periods of time, so you might be able to actually affect your jawline structure with enough time and dedication.

Highly recommended product.

Review by Josh M.

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