The Trackimo is a GPS tracker with strong functionality and an affordable price tag. It uses a motion-activated tracking schedule to prolong its battery life. For its smart design and excellent value.

This tracking device uses GPS satellites to affix its position, then it transmits that information via a GSM cellular network to the companion smartphone app. From the app, you can monitor the tracker’s location and customize various functions.

You can set the unit to provide location updates ranging from one minute to two hours in frequency, though it doesn’t merely record based on those times. If the device senses that it has stopped moving, it goes to sleep in order to preserve its battery, waking again when it is moved. You can also manually ping it for a real-time location update.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to this device is that it doesn’t feel quite as solid as some of the other trackers in our comparison. Its charging port lacks a cover, and if water gets in, the device is likely to malfunction. Aside from the open ports, the rest of the device is water resistant and can handle a minor splash. It does, however, come with a waterproof case for added protection, and it even has a lanyard. It also has a spring-loaded belt clip on the back that could be susceptible to snapping off. Though this is a quality device, it does seem a bit more fragile than our top two GPS trackers.

Despite its small size, the Trackimo has exceptional battery life. With the recommended minimum usage, it’s expected to last up to two weeks on a single charge. This is significantly longer than most trackers we tested that have similar features.

The device also has an S.O.S./panic button on the front center of it. Your child can press and hold it for four seconds until it sends an alert to your app or other contacts that you designate.

Like the Amber Alert GPS, this tracker has both an Android and iOS companion app. You can also log in to a secure web portal and track it there. The app is one of the best of any GPS tracker. It’s extremely simple to create geofences, check location history and look up the unit’s current location. From the app, you can also adjust settings and toggle alerts, such as a low battery alert or speed limit alert to ensure the device is charged or to discern whether your child is walking or moving in a vehicle.

Trackimo provides you with three ways – live chat, email and telephone – to get ahold of the customer support team, in case you have questions or concerns about the product. The company has a FAQs section on its website, and the tracker itself ships with a one-year warranty.

The monthly pricing is one of the best and lowest options on the market. The device costs under $140 directly from the manufacturer and includes one year of GSM service; then it’s just $5 a month after that. The device outperforms several GPS trackers that cost twice as much, and the $5 monthly fee is lower than fees charged by its competitors. The tracker also works internationally.

The Trackimo is a well-designed GPS tracking device with an excellent app and few weaknesses. This is one of the best GPS trackers for kids on the market, and its low price point only makes it better.